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Author Visits

One book can make a big difference!

Heidi Joulios uses her talents as both artist and educator, to create marvelous original works that inspire and educate children, in a fun meaningful way about challenging everyday issues. Heidi's dedication goes beyond the book!In fact, Heidi has created an assembly program available free of charge to schools, libraries and bookstores. As author, illustrator, and educator Heidi Joulios believes in making educational opporutnities available to all children, and, therefore, generously donates a portion of book proceeds to allow the assembly programs to be available free of charge.

Heidi's assembly program incorporates an author visit with an assembly performance, uniquely designed to entertain, inspire and educate. Concepts and characters from Heidi's books, along with "larger than life" visual aids, song, dance, and humor are used to raise awareness and further involvement in classrooms and with discussions at home.

Presentations vary in content according to the ages and size of specific groups.  Heidi will tailor each talk for your audience, whether it's a small group of 30 or a large assembly of 600 or more. Presentations are grade-level appropriate and grouped for K thru 3 and 4-6 audiences. Assemblies last approximately 50 minutes per group. To accommodate ages/grade levels and schedules, multiple assemblies can be planned per visit. 

Included in each presentation:
  • Event Packages and Posters
  • Large-screen storybook reading
  • Storytelling
  • Interactive discussions related to book topic
  • Discussions to inspire future writers
  • Focus on Art .... Crayons and Beyond
  • Time for Questions
  • Personalize book signing
One book can make a big difference!

Parents, grandparents, teachers, principals, and educators all rave about the positive effects of Heidi's visits. To date, Heidi's assemblies have been attended by over 50,000 children across the United States.

To learn more about the details of an assembly program or author visit at your site, please contact Heidi!

*While the assembly program is available at no charge, travel-related expenses may be necessary for visits outside of California.
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