Heidi Joulios


Scheduled to release in January 2013

Color My Coral is an adorable storybook written to entertain and inspire children to make valuable connections about how life above sea level impacts the marvelous creatures living in the ocean. 

Readers go on an adventurous dive into "turbulent sea-waters" for a "deeper" look at the impact of pollution on coral reef habitat.  Loretta the Crab mistakes human garbage for "treasure" and injures the coral when she brings it home for decoration. 

The storybook is a springboard for literacy development and critical thinking skills. Early elementary science vocabulary, phonemic awareness and examples of onomatopoeia are included in this compelling tale that can lead to discussions about solutions to water pollution.

"Delightful illustrations, enjoyable characters, and an important environmental story."
- Jeff Hohman, Filmmaker

"This beautifully told and brilliantly illustrated undersea story weaves an important conservation message of the interconnectedness between humans and our ocean ecosystems."
-Dr. Geoff Shester, California Program Director at Oceana

Special thanks to Dr. Shester for his reviews of
earlier sections of 
Color My Coral

"Heidi's characters direct the reader to her message about coral bleaching.  In a wonderful way this little book is beautifully illustrated to tell the story about problems we must pay attention to daily.  Thank you Heidi!"

-Manuel Neri, American sculptor, painter and printmaker, and a notable member of the "second generation" of the Bay Area Figurative Movement

Scheduled to release in January 2013

Color My Color Activity Coloring Book is the perfect companion to the Color My Coral storybook. Filled with coloring pages, related fun facts and activities sure to entertain children curious and excited about the wonderful world below sea level!

Originally released in May 2009

Snow Cones Are Forever is a book written to connect kids with their changing environment.

It's Polar Picnic Day and the Arctic Animals are having trouble serving their sensational snow cones.  Something is wrong with the ice. What could it be?

It's the ice breaker to discussions with children about solutions to pollution. After all, who wouldn't want to save a snow cone?

"What a wonderful, charming book!  It's very brief (30 pages) and has an excellent message for kids.  Nothing heavy-handed about this book.  It's a simple story about what global warming can do to the fantasy creatures of the Arctic.  Give it a try, and order it for groups.  You'll be glad you did!"

- Barry Schoenborn, President
Willow Valley Press, Inc.
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